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With rising input costs and weather patterns becoming increasingly unpredictable, conventional tillage methods had to be revisited, which resulted in the development of the Radium PowerZone (traffic control). The concept of the machine was to focus on working the soil around the spots where the roots were to develop, and therefore working according to the same configuration as the planter. By so doing, the farmer would be able to work over wider areas, but only the particular patches of soil, which increases productivity and lowers input costs. Radium kept the design simple and robust by transferring the already well-proven spring-trip assembly from the PowerRip models to the traffic control configuration. This enables the farmer to disturb the greatest amount of soil around the root zone with the least amount of energy which, in turn, encourages early and improved root development, faster water absorption and increased soil aeration. The unique C-shaped tine, combined with the unbeatable hammerhead shear, ensures that no side compaction or smearing takes place, creating an ideal seedbed for row crops. Due to the combination of coulters and rollers added to the machine, working in stubble and amongst surface material is no longer a problem. Further tillage operations, such as using a disc harrow, are thus eliminated. The rear-mounted rollers assist in breaking down any larger clods brought to the surface that are usually encountered during dry seasons. The farmer can therefore work the soil when it suits him best.


  • A robust and compact 'A-frame' frame construction
  • Working depth of up to 500mm
  • Row-spacing from 760mm to 2700mm
  • Approximately 25kW required per row
  • Depth wheels
  • Optional: Coulters
  • Optional: Rollers
  • Optional: Hydraulic markers
  • Power Zone Specifications
    RHT103 1500, 2700 2 x 6.00 x 16.0 II 75
    RHT104 760, 910, 1000 2 x 6.00 x 16.0 II 100
    RHT105 1500 2 x 7.50 x 16.0 II 125
    RHT106 760, 910, 1000 2 x 7.50 x 16.0 II 150
    RHT108 760, 910, 1000 2 x 7.50 x 16.0 III 200
    RHT110 760 2 x 7.50 x 16.0 III 250

    Radzim Agri-Power reserves the right to change any specifications or dimensions without prior notice.