Liquid Transfer Pump | Bomb 2000

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Developed for Transference of liquids, the BTL2000 Eurolatte unites simplicity with ease of use for the producer.

Using automatic transfer, the BTL2000 has a capacity of 33 liters/min, making the process more hygenic and quicker than a manual system.

WARNING: not to transfer flammable liquids

Eurolatte uses leading Technology and fast transfer to simplify the transfer procedure.


  • 110/220 V single phase 1/2 hp pump.
  • Capacity: 33 liters/minute, or 2000 liters/hour.
  • Suction capacity: 2 meters high.
  • Discharge capacity: 50 meters.
  • Elevation capacity: 5 meters.
  • Stainless steel 304 body and shaft.
  • Non-toxic rotor and vanes.
  • Bed plate in galvanized steel with exclusive anti-vibration system made up of 4 shock-absorbing pads.
  • Ancillary stainless steel and rubber ends (prevent tamponing).