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JF, the leading forage harvester company in the world, launches the most productive and reliable forage harvester of the market: JF C120. Unmatchable chopping uniformity in its category, it improves the nutritional results in silage and daily feeding.

New rotor with 12 "C" shaped blades

  • Stable and resistant
  • Protects the rotor against wearing
  • It breaks the maize grain skin
  • Carriage bolt that simplifies maintenance

  • New gathering platform with higher intake capacity

  • Longer durability of gears
  • Less stress for tractor

  • New thicker rotor box bottom

  • Longer durability

  • New elevating tube with no internal weldings

  • Improves forage flow because of less friction points

  • New belt 5V Super HC

  • Improves up to 40% the power transmission
  • efficiency from the tractor to the rotor

  • New stronger cardan shaft

  • More resistance

  • Benefits

  • Increases up to 20% the harvesting speed
  • Lower power consumption
  • More resistant
  • Longer durability
  • Safe to use machine: projected according to European norms (CE)
  • Harvests any forage, with the several optional heads available
    Capacityup to 28 ton/h
    Cut sizes24 (2 a 41mm)
    Number of rotor1
    Number of rotor blades12
    Power sourcetractor PTO
    Number of gathering drums4
    Recommended power at PTO50 a 80 cv
    Required revolution at PTO540
    Weight600 Kg
    Transmission systemcardan & gearbox