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This is a versatile spreader, adjusted for small, average and large fields, developed inside modern technique conception, capable to execute with perfection the application of humid or dry limestone, seeds, mineral and organic fertilizers, chicken manure, coffee-rind, plaster, etc.


  • Transporting thread: it allows to use Lancer as a farm cart which carries in bulk and, also, to supply the seed drills with fertilizer and to unload cereals;
  • Vibratory gutter: it is used for distribution of filter pie of sugar-cane, castor bean, and others in two lines distant 4,59 feet (1,4 m);
  • Kit Conveyor Belt Speed Reducer: for distribution of small dosages;
  • Band Spread Device: used for fertilizer application on fruit trees like coffee, citrus, apple, peach, rubber fig etc. The two lateral ways out, with regulating deflectors, allow to distribute and to direct the product simultaneously in two bands, distant 8,20 till 26,25 feet (2,5 till 8,0 m).
  • Precision Spreader Line 6.000: for distribution in line of dry in powder products (füller limestone, natural hyper-phosphate, fosmag, yoorin) and also granulated fertilizers;
  • Reversible Band Spread Device: used for distribution in band, right or left, of chemic or organic fertilizer on trees like coffee, citrus, apple etc.;
  • Protection Bars: it stops strange objects from falling inside the machine;
  • Protection Arcs for Spread Discs: it stops users from direct contact with discs;
  • Intermittent Spread Device: for fertilizer applications in orchards, in accurate dosage. It contains hydraulic operation;
  • Injector Device: used to furrow the soil, to place and to cover the chicken manure, benefited cattle manure or coffee-rind in one operation only;
  • Central Deflector: used for organic fertilizer in a central band of 8,20 feet (2,5 m);
  • Gutter Joint for Central Spread: for distribution located in furrows;
  • Modular Strengthened Stainless Conveyor Belt: for distribution of fertilizer and limestone in small quantities - it possess strengthened bolts.
    Model Capacity Distribution Capacity Distribution Width TDP Rotation
    Engine Power Dimensions Weight
    2.500 1,30 m³ 7.850 kg/ha 6 a 25 m 540 RPM 35 / 65 CV 4.135x1.575x1.645 750 kg
    4.500 2,50 m³ 7.850 kg/ha 6 a 25 m 540 RPM 70 / 85 CV 4.135x1.800x1.795 910 kg
    5.000 2,50 m³ 7.850 kg/ha 6 a 25 m 540 RPM 70 / 85 CV 4.485x1.710x1.840 1.040 kg
    5.500 3,00 m³ 7.850 kg/ha 6 a 25 m 540 RPM 75 / 90 CV 4.670x2.103x1.795 1.290 kg
    6.500 3,75 m³ 7.850 kg/ha 6 a 25 m 540 RPM 80 / 95 CV 4.485x1.890x1.990 1.210 kg
    7.500 4,20 m³ 7.850 kg/ha 6 a 25 m 540 RPM 80 / 95 CV 4.485x1.990x1.990 1.225 kg