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In order to answer the increasing tendency of versatile machines used in diverse tasks, Lancer 10.000 and 12.000 Multipurpose (Lancer Multiuso) offers conditions to the distribution of limestone, pre-seeding fertilizer or covering for soy, maize, cotton, etc. Thanks to its rubber conveyor belt that allows small, average or big application rate, and its regulating gauge, which is adaptable to the diverse plantation between-lines.

Model Capacity Distribution Width Wheel Joint
Opening Regulating
Axle Free Gap Discs Height
Standard Kit Standard Kit    
12000 6m³ 36m 1800 a 2700mm 925mm ND
Hitch Height Wheel Joint - Tires Tandem Engine Power Dimensions Weight
Standard Kit        
525/600 1055/1130/1205/1280 Tandem 10.5/80-18 10 100cv 2380x2910 a 3060x3010x5680 2380kg
500/575/650 ND Tandem 12.4-24 10 110cv 2482x3010x6415 2865kg