4008TAG2A PERKINS Engine

4008TAG2A PERKINS Engine Specifications
General Data
No. Cylinders 8
Cubic capacity 30,561 l
Air intake Turbocharged
Cooling Water
Flywheel net power 872 kW
Fuel Cons. at 100% (L.T.P.) 248 l/h
Fuel Cons. at 100% (P.R.P.) 220 l/h
Fuel Cons. at 75% (P.R.P.) 160 l/h
Fuel Cons. at 50% (P.R.P.) 108 l/h
Fuel Cons. at 25% (P.R.P.) 57 l/h
Cont. power (P.R.P.) 1035 kVA
Standby power (L.T.P.) 1138 kVA
Speed (RPM) 1500 rpm
Sae 0-18
TA Luft Not available
TA Luft/2 Not available
EPA Not available
Stage Not available
Electronic Reg Standard
Precision Class A1
Weight 3250 kg
Oil q.ty 165,6 l
Antifreeze q.ty 48 l
Antifreeze Radiator q.ty 101 l
Antifreeze Total 149 l
Heat to radiator 332 kW
Heat to exhaust 698 kW
Heat to radiation 80 kW
Exhaust temperature 438 °C
Cooling air flow N/A
Combustion air flow 75 m³/min
Exhaust gas flow 200 m³/min