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JD180GXHD | 180 kVA - 198 kVA | JOHN DEERE | MJB250MB4

JD180GXHD 180 kVA - 198 kVA JOHN DEERE MJB250MB4 Diesel Generator
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6068HF258Advanced Engine Data

6068HF258Advanced Alternator Data

JD180GXHD Specifications
General Data
Model JD180GXHD
Prime kVA 180 kVA
Prime kW 144,00 kW
Standby kVA 198 kVA
Standby kW 158,40 kW
Power Factor 0.8
Voltage (VAC) 400/230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Phases Three Phases (with Neutral)
Engine Speed 1500 rpm
Exhaust Model MSR/a 80
Exhaust Quantity 1
Exhaust Quantity 1
Exhaust Diameter 89 mm
Base Model GV100
Battery Capacity 100 Ah
Battery Quantity 1
Battery Voltage 12 V
Flexible Model DN75
Flexible Quantity 1
Flexible Diameter 89 mm
Dimensions, Weight & Tank Capacity
Length 3060 mm
Width 1140 mm
Height 2170 mm
Weight 2200 kg
Tank Capacity 360 l
Silent Canopy @ 7m (dBA) 68
Engine Data
Model 6068HF258
Continuous Power 180 kVA
Standby Power 198 kVA
RPM 1500 rpm
Electronic Governor Optional
Cooling Water
Air Intake Turbocharged
Cylinders 6
Cubic Capacity (l) 6,8 l
Precision Class A
Flywheel Power (kWm) 166 kW
BMEP (kPa)
Weight (kg) 764 kg
Antifreeze q.ty: N/A
Oil qty (l) 32 l
Heat to radiation (kW) N/A
Heat to exhaust (kW) N/A
Heat to coolant (kW) N/A
Exhaust temperature (°C) 590 °C
Cooling air flow (m3/min) 198 m³/min
Combustion air flow (m3/min) 10,7 m³/min
Exhaust gas flow (m3/min) 30,3 m³/min
TA Luft emissions Standard
TA Luft 2000 emissions Not available
EPA emissions Not available
Stage Not available
SAE 3-11½
Fuel Consumption
25% Load 10,7 l/h
50% Load 20,5 l/h
75% Load 31,3 l/h
100% Load 40,8 l/h
110% Load 45,2 l/h
Alternator Data
Model MJB250MB4
Contin. Power (H cl.kVA) 185,00 kVA
Contin. Power (H cl.kW) 148,00 kW
Stand by power (kVA) 205,00 kVA
Stand by power (kW) 164,00 kW
AVR Model M16FA655A
IP protection 23
Precision (+/- %) 0,5
Connection Stella Series
Phases Three Phases (with Neutral)
Winding Code M0
Lead No 12
Weight (kg) N/A